Ahhhh…Scanning old photos…HEAVEN!

Ahhhh…scanning photos…one of my favorite “projects,” it turns out.  I’m enjoying myself by scanning photos after 16 years plus of Chip’s urging (yes, he reminds me I would have had less angst after the fire had I had previously scanned all our treasured photos when he kept suggesting it) and, after scanning the Lynch/Lyons 4000 and my Sister’s running total of 4000-plus already with many more in the works, Why did I dread this task???  I’m loving it.  Well, Chip did help me acquire the best scanners so the work is easier now than all those years ago when he kept on me to start scanning.  It was SLOOOOOW but now it is FAST!  I am sidetracked, however,  by sending a few people much-treasured memory photos – – just too precious to not share – –  when I should continue scanning but, here I go, AGAIN!!!  Laura-Lu always said I have more pictures of her childhood than her parents have.  I aim to prove her RIGHT!  While I scan, I delight in finding photos of Laura-Lu and just keep that tally adding up.  Soon, I’ll have an individual thumb-drive (or two or three) full of pictures for each one of Chip’s amazing St. Barnabas friends – his Highland Middle School Friends – his St. X friends – his Xavier University friends – (best thing about XU was those amazing friendships)  – – -who are STILL amazingly close & faithful friends to Chip. Of course, after school, and only a few years ago, we were blessed to have Mary Ann arrive on our family scene and I still have the prophetic first photo which I treasure of our first meeting.  The rest is a beautiful love story we are enjoying witnessing as her delighted In-Laws. I am hoping by Christmas to pass out these treasured, archived photos to each one of Chip’s friends  and our family members – OR, I could give Chip the link and let him HAVE AT IT!  Hahaha!  Ahhhh…back to scanning!  Thanks for visiting my site! 

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