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title: Nearly Hallowe'en 2008
author: MommaLynch
date: 2008-10-14 04:45:32
It's nearly Hallowe'en 2008 so, time for an update to this fun website which I enjoy! Peepers has joined the family but, needs a new home before I get hopeless attached to him/her as I did his/her big sister, Lucky. That bird is sooooooo snuggly and Peepers seems even MORE snuggly! Such sweet birdies from such sweet parents, Louie and Pearl. Check out the photos!
title: Happy 2008!
author: MommaLynch
date: 2008-01-15 18:32:24
It's unbelievable that it is 2008! Just as everyone else is doing, I'm updating my web-site. I really enjoy this web-site Chip surprised me with one Christmas years ago (thanks, Chip!).
title: To view photos of baby birds...
author: MommaLynch
date: 2006-04-29 16:01:39
To view photos of baby birds (because I cannot get them to show up on my home page) click "pictures" and go to images dated April 2006 or marked "baby birds".
[Chip's Update:]
title: Baby Cockatiels GALORE! April 2006
author: MommaLynch
date: 2006-04-29 15:55:28
Well, the Lynch household is FULL of baby cockatiels with one more to hatch! One is two days old, one one day old, one ready to hatch and the oldest sibling from the previous clutch is a whopping, healthy 4 weeks and 2 days old! I'll try to get photos to this web site for your viewing pleasure. They are so cute despite what others think!
title: Girl Scout LUAU
author: Sally
date: 2006-01-21 20:12:21
My Goddaughters, April and Amber and Niece, Autumn, and I had so much fun at the Girl Scout LUAU presented by Autumn's Troop in January 2006!
author: GrandMommaLynch
date: 2005-06-09 15:58:25
HOORAY! PEARL AND LOUIE ARE PARENTS! Baby PHOENIX was hatched today around lunchtime! FINALLY! YIPEE! Sooo cute and has YELLOW feathers just like MOMMAPEARL (or, could it be a baby YELLOW SMILEY FACE birdie!!!).

author: MommaLynch
date: 2005-06-03 06:27:00
Pearl and Louie are being FANTASTIC parents this time around. Pearl sits on the eggs ALL NIGHT LONG and Louie jumps right onto the eggs the minute Pearl gets out to eat in the morning. Usually, Pearl wants to get back on to her eggs right away but Daddy Louie takes his turn sitting on them - ever so faithfully! This morning was no different! Their experience from having 2 previous clutches has proven to be beneficial. Plus, the house has been very quiet which has caused them to be calm. They sit and sit all day. They take turns very nicely and there is rarely more than 5 seconds in which the eggs are not attended. That is the transition time between parents. If Pearl comes out, Louie goes right in...if Louie comes out (he's a little more interested in the people in the room than Pearl), Pearl realizes they are without a warm, feathery body and she goes right to them. Nature is amazing! They didn't have themselves so well choreographed in the past 2 cluthes...hopefully, this means "3RD TIME'S CHARM!" and we'll have 4 baby cockatiels in less than one week! YAY!
title: WE HAVE AN EGG!
author: MommaLynch
date: 2005-04-16 06:59:30
PEARL JUST LAID HER EGG! It was nearly one year ago to the day when she laid her VERY FIRST EGG EVER! We hope this second clutch of eggs (surely she'll have more - one a day - for a few more days) gets to hatch! BEWARE OF LIGHTNING, PEARL AND LOUIE!
title: Beware the Happy Carpet
author: Chip Lynch
date: 2004-12-07 12:40:59
Words cannot describe.

title: Cabinets are IN!
author: Chip Lynch
date: 2004-11-20 09:32:52
Look! We have cabinets! Hopefully everything ELSE will be finished by Christmas so we can be moved in.

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