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author: Sally
date: 2004-08-22 18:39:43
WE HAVE NEW WINDOWS! The house is being rebuilt -ever-so-slowly but SURELY! Check out the new photo!
title: House Was on Fire!
author: Chip Lynch
date: 2004-05-20 09:18:28
Well, I suppose it could have been much worse, but MommaLynch's house kinda, well, burnt down yesterday. She was home, and got out alright -- even saved the birds and the camera (no such luck for the fish). Click the picture for some more images.

title: Mommalynch Meets Mr. Baseball
author: Chip
date: 2004-04-21 09:21:15
Well, perhaps mommalynch isn't a natural born baseball pitcher. It's not the throwing that's the problem; it's getting out of the way when the ball comes back at you that's the problem. Nothing a few narcotics apparently can't fix, tho... go now -- write MommaLynch a get well entry in her guest book!...

title: February 2004
author: Sally
date: 2004-02-16 12:29:34
It's February of 2004...a GREAT time to update this wonderful web-site and LONG overdue! Soooooooooooo much has been happening! The digital camera Chuck, Chip and Joseph gave me for Christmas has created over 1 BILLION bytes in only one and one half months! I'M LOVIN' IT! :) I plan to add some of the new photos to the site but choosing from the vast array will be the hardest part! I didn't get my Christmas cards out, AGAIN. The "Family/Friend Cookbook" is still on hold but, BY GOLLY, I'm going to update this web-site TODAY! Chuck is 100% recovered and we're all so thankful! Joseph is doing mighty fine as a Realtor. Chip continues to commute to Dayton as a computer consultant. Chuck is watching the construction on the new building for his company, RMS. (See pictures-"RMS Builds") Thanks soooooooo much for visiting this site and make sure you leave a message in the Guestbook!
title: What a Month!
author: MommaLynch
date: 2003-06-20 17:44:58
May was an unbelievable month! Graduation for Joseph, new job location for Chip, major surgery for Chuck (prognosis is 100% cancer free! - HOORAY!) and THE PARTY OF MY DREAMS FOR MY BIG 50 BIRTHDAY! Plus, we had a very special graduation of our niece, Hayley and a very special wedding of our young friends, Daniel and Brooke. The busiest month on record ever for us - EVER! It began with the Baptism of our Godson, Michael. And that was only one week after the 4 of us, Chuck, Sally, Chip and Joseph, stood up as Godparents and/or Sponsors for Jeremy, Amy, Autumn and Stephen. Check out some great photos labeled "May-Grad," "May-Surgery," "May-Birthday Bash," "Baptisms-2003," etc. Make SURE you check out "FUN STUFF" on this web-site for a great laugh and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK before you leave!
title: MommaLynch.net Store Sale
author: Chip Lynch
date: 2002-07-09 13:18:35
I still love the fact that we sell stuff. Better yet, we have a sale, and a banner ad no doubt! Life is good.

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title: Joseph, Flame shooter photos
author: MommaLynch
date: 2002-06-13 20:10:25
Three pictures go with the story below. Click on "Pictures." Open the 3 "Joseph, flame shooter" photos. Have fun! and remember, "Don't try this at home!"
title: Shooting FLAMES!
author: MommaLynch
date: 2002-06-13 20:01:44
Although BOTH of my dear sons have currently taken up the "art" of shooting flames out of their MOUTHS...I only have these three photos of Joseph at the moment. They DO capture the thrill fairly well(except for the gasp of air heard nearby by their Mom which cannot be captured on film!) Make no mistake, when one of my sons gets a CRAZY idea, he usually shares his enthusiasm with the other. I have always said, "Since the moment our sons were born, we've never lacked entertainment!" The neighbors actually visit to say, "Thanks for the show at night!" NOW, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!
title: Photos to go with the following choir news...
author: MommaLynch
date: 2002-02-10 23:17:53
Please note that the photos which go with the following news about the choir begin with "Gold" or "Golden Key" in the "pictures" file. Enjoy!
title: Heaven Bounders Havin
author: MommaLynch
date: 2002-02-10 22:52:46
The Heaven Bounders had some fun early Feb. 2002 singing at the Golden Key Club's "Happy 32nd Birthday Party" at St. Barnabas. The choir sang ALL their songs by heart. They had great volume and a joyful spirit! We sang some of our favorite songs and some favorites we thought the Golden Key Club would enjoy. Well, they certainly did enjoy them and joined right in, singing with us which warmed our hearts. The choir wore their yellow shirts and just enjoyed the day! Thanks, Choir, for all your dedication. I can't believe our 7th year is almost over. We will be graduating 4 wonderful 8th graders this year including Senior Member, Melissa Connell who has been in choir as many years as she was able, beginning in 3rd grade and our very last CHARTER MEMBER, Sara Klapheke. Sara is the last remaining member who was there when we began (and didn't know what we were doing!!!) Bring your handkerchiefs on Mother's Day!!! Enjoy the photos!
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